Shatford Memorial Elementary

Nut and Scent Aware

We recognize that not all high allergen foods require an automatic ban from our school.  We will continue to provide a Peanut Free environment but also a Nut Smart one.  This means students can bring tree nuts and seed products to school for their own consumption.  However, when providing snacks and food for sharing with other students (class parties and/or celebrations) please continue to refrain from sending in food items containing peanuts, nuts and seed products.  Teachers will continue to educate students about adequate hand washing and handling of food products that are at a higher risk of being a potential allegen to others.

It is also important to keep in mind that our student population is continually changing and new food sensitvities can develop in our current student body.  Therefore continuous monitoring of our students' needs will be ongoing and new precautionary procedures may need to be implemented at any point in the school year.

Our school is also scent aware.  We have individuals in the buidling who are sensitive to scents contained in items such as personal care products, laundry products and house hold cleaners.  Please choose scent free products when you come to our school whenever possible.